About US

Let’s meet our family !! 🤝

Cricpox INDIA  is an cricket news website that is designed to give genuine information to cricket fans.

Usually, Indians are die-hard cricket fans and We love to share our cricket knowledge.  And We promise, you will get the most trusted news and features of INDIAN Cricket as you can fulfill your hobby (share cricket knowledge with others) 😜.

Why We chose this platform ? 

Website is one of the effective ways to express and share information in these days. THIS Website  IS HOME OF CRICKET FANS Especially for Indian Fans.

Why we are unique from others?

In this era of internet, we can’t trust everything which is spread on social media. If we talk about sports industry, betting apps are running multiple ads allover internet world and making youths too much involved into betting and illegal activities and spoil their life. 

Many popular sports sites are promoting these betting apps carelessly and charging big number of amount in exchange.

So Cricpox INDIA decided neither use nor pramote illegal betting apps (banned by Government of India) that are harming and destroying the bright future of youths.

What kind of content you will get here ? 

  • Intresting Match Analysis
  • Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket 
  • Indian Cricket team 
  • Cricktainment (Cricket+ Entertainment)
  • T20 Leagues
  • Trending Cricket News 

What we do not promote?

  • Illegal Fantasy Apps  🚫
  • Misleading News 🚫